About The Founder

The auto spare parts business was started in 1948 by Mr. Muhammad Shafi Malik under the name of Malik Auto Store. A vacuum existed, so the business flourished due to the hard work and courteous dealing of the proprietor.

Inspite of competition, he achieved tremendous success, particularly by making bulk supplies of spare parts to government departments and big transport companies.

The word `agricultural` was added later to the name of company to include the manufacturer of Auto filters for tractors and other agricultural machinery and it was registered as private Limited Company. Malik Auto & Agricultural Industries (Pvt.) Ltd, thus become the pioneer industry in manufacturing Auto filter in Pakistan with Mr. Mohammad Shafi Malik as its first chairman.

About Guard Group

The name Guard was selected because its literal meaning provides the buyers with an impression that they are actually using Guard Filters to guard their vehicle engines.

Gradually this name became synonymous of protection and was consequently used as product logo to publicize the Guard Filters.

By the end of 1960, a filter paper pleating plant of Japanese origin was installed. With the passage of time other machines were also added to manufacturer sub-components thereby increasing in-house engineering facilities.

A great exponent of the need to achieve food security, he pioneered the introduction of hybrid rice seed in Pakistan. This in turned helped farmers in some of the poorest rice growing areas of Sindh and Baluchistan Provinces to double the per acre yield, also doubling their incomes, and improving their living standards, a small but significant step in the national goal of poverty alleviation.

Guard Group has proven his services in the various fields i.e. Auto Industry, Food products, Lube Oil Industry, Autozone, Friction and HEPA Filters industry since long time ago.


Guard Fuel Filter stops contaminants found in fuel which can include rust, metal chips, dust, and other solid particles

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