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Religious Activities

Keeping in mind the true spirit of Islam, Mosques have been especially constructed in both the hospitals Premises. The mosque at Raiwind Road capacitates 600 people at a time and the Mosque in the Wahdat Road accommodates 400 people at a stretch. Children are being provided with the facility of Dars-e-Quran to make sure they stay intact with their religious values. The interiors have been decorated with Multani glass work and calligraphy. Islamic literature is also made available in the Mosques libraries for self-study.

It was completed on December 22, 2000 on the sacred night of 27th “Ramadan“. The Mosque is being used for imparting socio-religious education to the effluent as well as the dwellers of neighboring areas. The mosque is surrounded bye Waterfalls Fountains and lush green lawns. The interior decoration of the Mosque is absolutely marvelous. Its glass work and chandelier in the middle of the dome is superb. The inscription of 99 names of Allah (S.H.T) and Muhammad (PUBH) on the western wall facing “ Khana Kaba” creates a captivating effect on the minds of the persons who come to say their prayers five times a day.

In the premises of Guard Filters Factory and Mumtaz Bakhtawar Memorial Trust Hospital at Wahdat Rorad another glorious Mosque has been constructed and inaugurated on 1st Ramadan 1427 Hijri ( 25th September, 2006 )